Βογιατζής Γιώργος

Vogiatzes Yiorgos

He studied painting first in the workshop of P. Sarafianos and then in AKST with teacher G. Moralis. He also studied mosaic technique at the same school. He worked on behalf of ASKT in painting the ceilings of the Monastery of Leimona (Mytilene) and in copying works by the popular painter Theofilos. He also worked in the Archaeological Service as a conservator and at the same time studied Greek art from Neolithic figurines to works of folk art of the 20th century. He presented his work in solo exhibitions (Zygos 1962, Parnassos 1967, Nees Morfes 1972, 1974, Kochlias Thessaloniki 1973, Louis Soulanges Paris 1974, Aichmi 1977, Cour St Pierre Geneva 1979, Antinor 1982, Levels 1984, Municipality of Paleo Faliro 1985 etc. a.) He was the director of the School of Fine Arts of Tinos while from 1967 he maintained a private Laboratory of Free Studies of painting and drawing for the prospective students of ASKT. He was a member of EETE.

  • “Aphrodite”

    Vogiatzes Yiorgos