Πουλάς Μιχάλης

Poulas Michalis

Michalis Poulas was born in Athens Greece in 1978. His father, a professional sailor, opened a one hour process film shop back in 1988 in Crete island as he tried to stay close to our family and that was his first contact with photography. He studied photography at Leica Academy in Athens and worked in the fashion industry. Since 2003he established and has been running his own photolab in Sitia Crete where he also lives. "I make pictures in order to ease the pain and fear of death." His project "Infinite Perimeter" has been published worldwide, including the British Journal of Photography, New York's Burn Magazine, C41 Magazine Milan Italy and many more. He has participated in many excibitions around the world and is a member of PH Museum photographic museum of humanity. "The quality of the images can sometimes be over and beyond the photographer or the content of the subject."