Gallery Omicron presents “The path of Greek Fine Art Printing”

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  • 15/01/2022


Artwork from the exhibition:

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The world of engraving can transport the viewer to uncharted places, to reveal unacknowledged passions of the human soul, to seal the loves and obsessions of the artists themselves, leaving their own imprint on art. Its comparative advantage over other arts is that it is not a technical improvement of typography, but an essential means of disseminating art to the general public, a means capable of conveying an aesthetic message.

A representative sample of the engraving art in Greece, through older and modern creators, is presented in the Technopolis City of Athens, in the area of the ​​“Purifier”. The guides on this trip are Orestis Stathopoulos and Elias Kouvelis who have selected the works and curated the exhibition.

The event includes one hundred and fifty engravings (woodcuts, copperplates, lithographs, silkscreens and linoleum) by more than fifty Greek artists (engravers, painters, sculptors) of the 20th century. The art-loving public can enjoy representative, but also rarer works, by renowned creators who in turn became teachers in the generations of artists that followed. Collectible compositions with the signature of creators of international scope (G. Spyropoulos, John Christoforou), but also small works of art with a personal character (Sp. Papaloukas, G. Migadis), introduce us to the world of Engraving.

The exhibition does not follow an idiom, a school or an aesthetic criterion, but above all it is a tour of the achievements of the domestic engraving production. The viewer who is least suspicious of engraving can connect yesterday with today, as revealed in works by contemporary artists. Among others, the following are presented: G. Kefallinos, D. Giannoukakis, C. Galtemis, P. Gravvalos, S. Karavouzis, Al. Korogiannakis, A. Komianou, A. Fasianos, G. Stathopoulos, Michalis Arfaras, T. Mantzavinos, T. Makris, St. Daskalakis, K. Papamichalopoulos and St. Rokos.

George Mylonas
December 2021



The exhibition opens its doors to the public on Saturday, January 15 at 18:00 in the afternoon and will last until Sunday, January 30, the exhibition will be open daily from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 16: 00 to 20:00. All the safety standards of EODY are observed in the area and the entrance is allowed only with the presentation of the necessary certificates.