Καραβούζης Σαράντης

Karavouzis Sarantis

Sarantis Karavouzis (b. 1938), best known for his painting, turned to engraving in 1969, following the mixed model of "painter-engravers", who wanted, through their engravings, to communicate more widely with the public (see A. Bartsch, Le peintre-graveur, 21, Vienna 1803-1829. Especially for Karavouzis as a painter-engraver, see D. Pavlopoulos, “Painters-engravers. ”, Ed. The Daily [“ Seven Days ”], March 12, 1995).

He has created woodcuts, linographs, copperplates, tin lithographs, silkscreens and monotypes. His engravings have been presented in solo exhibitions (1996, Athens, "House of Cyprus" 1997, Piraeus, French Institute of Athens) and group (1981, Biennale of European Engraving, Baden-Baden 1988, Greek Post-Engraving, National Gallery and Alexou Museum; 1988, First Triennale Mondiale des Estampes, Chamaliers, Musée d'Art Contemporaine? 1990, Second Biennale of Mediterranean Engraving, Gallery of the Municipality of Athens? 1992, Traveling Exhibition of Contemporary Greek Engraving, Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece by 2000 the Collections of the National Gallery, of the Pieridis Foundation, of Cypriot artists and collectors, Municipal Center of Arts of Nicosia [Collaboration: Pieridis Gallery] - National Gallery and Museum of Alexandros Soutzos).

  • Karavouzis Sarantis